Is Scotland Fair Enough? (PDF) Our national participation network SHIEN facilitated a survey called “Is Scotland Fair Enough?” to understand the experiences of people facing hardship, exclusion and inequality. We wanted to feed these important views into the Scottish Government’s national discussion on a fairer Scotland which will inform Scotland’s new Social Justice Action Plan. We … Continued


David Ramsay, Development Worker, Glasgow Homelessness Network: How to get communities in Glasgow ready for this new piece of work I am involved in? At the start of the year I was involved in delivering 3 Participatory Budgeting events across the city. The areas involved were Priesthill/Househillwood, Parkhead and Govan. Money from the Scottish Government … Continued

This workshop builds capacity in your team to design, deliver and manage engaging, inclusive sessions and events. Participants will: Better understand the principles of facilitation, and related methodologies Understand how to set the scene Explore different learning styles Discuss and consider appropriate approaches, attitudes and values Learn how to understand dynamics among participants & how … Continued

This course sets out the key principles behind inclusive, effective community development – what it means, who should be involved, and how to develop and deliver positive ideas and plans. Participants will: Understand key barriers to involvement Learn about different approaches appropriate to each goal Learn how to organise community events that are open, inclusive … Continued


The Scottish Homelessness Involvement and Empowerment Network (SHIEN) has been facilitated by Glasgow Homelessness Network (GHN) since 2008 thanks to funding from the Scottish Government. It was established to promote involvement, participation and more recently coproduction, within homelessness services across Scotland; supporting us all to get better at supporting homeless people to become involved in … Continued

To date, over 1800 organisations and individuals have become part of the network, both as Networkers and Subscribers. As the network continues to grow, we invite you to get involved in any or all of the following ways. Come along to one of our locally facilitated events. We host local shared solutions workshops in areas across … Continued

All in Training Brochure (PDF) All In is a Scottish social enterprise focused on supporting clients to improve the quality and quantity of participation, coproduction, and engagement in their services and projects. We hear these buzzwords more and more, but what do they mean and how do they work? More importantly, why do they matter … Continued


Read the March 2016 GHN e-newspage. A bulletin for everyone working, living or using services in Glasgow who want to end homelessness. e-newspage will brief you on what’s relevant – practice, training, events, research and monitoring information. While this will always have a Glasgow focus, comparisons may be made with housing and homelessness issues across Scotland, … Continued