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Statutory Homelessness Statistics - 2013-14

The latest statutory homelessness statistics for 2013–14 were published by the Scottish Government on 24th June 2014.

Key headlines:

Navigate Launch!

Glasgow Homelessness Network (GHN) launched Navigate, a new peer advocacy and mentoring project, on 9th June 2014. Navigate volunteers have been highly trained to use their life and local experiences to help others who may have a problem or worry about their housing or welfare benefits. The volunteer works with the person to help them access specialist support and services, tell people about their problems and make their own decisions based upon the right information.

Welfare Reform Policy Briefing

The Welfare Reform Policy Briefing Paper has been produced to inform services about the changes and amendments to the Welfare Benefits System that may impact on individuals using their services.

The briefing is a live document and will be updated on a quarterly basis to reflect changes and further developments to the Welfare Reform Act, including administration arrangements of benefits.

Strategic Review of Homelessness Services

Glasgow City Council is currently undertaking a strategic review of homelessness services in the city; both as part of a response to the Scottish Housing Regulator’s concerns about the provision of accommodation in the city and to develop a systematic understanding of the delivery of homelessness services and how best to improve service outcomes.

Scottish Refugee Council (advice and information services)

The Scottish Refugee Council (SRC) had been providing advice and support on the asylum process and through its One Stop Service and Scottish Induction Service as part of a Home Office contract for the last 13 years.

Glasgow Winter Night Shelter 2013-14

For the fourth consecutive winter, Glasgow Winter Night Shelter (GWNS) has offered overnight respite for those sleeping rough across the city. This third sector led initiative, provided by Glasgow City Mission, was delivered from a new base at the Renfield St Stephens Centre at 260 Bath Street. It opened on Sunday 1st December, and the last night of service was Friday 28th February.

ODM Quarterly Report - October-December 2013

Glasgow Homelessness Network (GHN) has facilitated a long-term programme of work to design and implement a new quantitative homelessness monitoring system, with close guidance and advice from experienced academics and third sector homelessness services. Reporting from the GHN Online Data Management (ODM) system is produced on a quarterly basis.

Shelter Scotland calls for Ten Year Homelessness Action Plan

Shelter Scotland has called for the adoption of a new ten year action plan to address homelessness and crisis services in Scotland, built on the principles of:

Poverty Panel

Glasgow has established a Leadership Panel on tackling poverty which will define and implement an overarching poverty strategy for the city 2013–17. Six thematic priorities have been determined: (i) mitigate the impact of Welfare Reform; (ii) reduce child poverty; (iii) Work and Worth (iv) Credit and Debt  (v) challenge negative attitudes about people in poverty and (vi) involve people with direct experience of poverty.

Statutory Homelessness Statistics - July-September 2013

The latest statutory homelessness statistics for July–September 2013 have been published by the Scottish Government. Some key headlines that are of interest:

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