Case Study: Govan High School


Govan High School Pupils

It feels like every day in the news right now, we hear about important, life changing votes taking place. Six months after Govan High School facilitated a Community Budgeting voting process, we returned to witness the school changing project that six pupils made happen.

Around the school are benches where pupils can sit and chat, have lunch, relax away from the classroom, and bins to keep the place tidy. Pupils tell us as a result there is less crowding in public spaces, and a more tidy school. There’s less complaining about the school, because an issue identified by pupils had been addressed with a solution developed by pupils.

Ready Steady to Go with Community Budgeting is working with 9 schools across Glasgow, to facilitate a Community Budgeting voting process, where pupils decide how £1000 will be spent for the benefit of the school. In Govan High School, six pupils came together to find out how this money could benefit the whole school, and within 6 months, the benefits can be clearly seen.

Led by the group, the whole school had a chance to talk about the issues affecting the school, the group came up with some practical solutions, and their fellow pupils had a chance to vote for what they wanted to see happen.

We asked the pupils involved what’s been the benefit of the project for them? They highlighted they feel more empowered, because they didn’t just have a say in the changes, but led the way in making the changes, and ensuring everyone had a say. Equally important was the fact that the school was willing and able to ensure pupils, staff and Ready Steady worked together to come up with solutions that addressed a problem, and were realistic in terms of implementation and budget.

One word to describe coproducing the Community Budgeting Process? Spectacular! Enjoyable! Inspirational! Eventful! Fantastic! Educational!