How can Navigate help?

At Navigate Citizen Advocacy we know that it can sometimes be easier to solve a problem with the help of someone who has had a similar experience. Having someone who knows what it’s like can really help navigate difficult issues like housing and benefits. Navigate puts local people in touch with other local people to help them solve a problem or worry about their housing or benefits. Navigate Volunteers aren’t paid.

They are passionate about helping others work through their housing problems and find their way through the maze of welfare benefits. Our Navigate Volunteers are fully trained to listen to your problem and can help you to:

  • Help you to find the right service
  • Attend housing appointments with you
  • Go with you to DWP assessments when claiming ESA or PIP
  • Help you to make a housing or homeless application
  • Support you to appeal sanctions
  • Support you to appeal any other decisions that you are unhappy with

If you think we can help or if you’d like more information, please get in touch.

T: 0141 420 7272     M:07834 437 185     E: