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The Scottish Government has made an announcement on the initial recommendations from the new Action Group – reducing rough sleeping this winter. Read it here.

Work now turns to action on ending rough sleeping in Scotland.

This is what we want…

Where homelessness has not been prevented, we want every single person affected to have an urgent response in Scotland that is:

Local: the choice to have your own home as part of a local community so that we can all live, work and use services in ‘ordinary’ not homeless places.

Tailored: support that is flexible, immediate and for as long as you need it. Respecting your ability to build your own life and making sure choice and control is in your hands.

Realistic: helping you tackle the financial hardship that often causes homelessness is as important as providing other support you want.

But how do we get there?

We need advice and information from people who are homeless in Scotland – or have been homeless recently. This leaflet tells you about ways to get involved right up to March 2018. But it won’t stop there. The types of things we want to know are:

  • Is there a service or person that was there for you? What really works?
  • What are the biggest problems or barriers you face?
  • Do you have ideas or solutions about fixing homelessness in Scotland?

Why get involved?

Whatever you want to say – your voice will be heard. Your advice will help us make recommendations to Scottish Government Ministers. We will share the report with you and keep you up to date about the decisions made and actions taken. Your involvement will directly:

  • Help us to fix homelessness in Scotland
  • Influence how the new Scottish Government budget for homelessness is spent
  • Help other people to avoid going through what you did.

Aye we can Poster (PDF)  | Aye we can Leaflet (PDF)

A 10-minute survey will be live after our speak out events.
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