Action Group Recommendations

Find out more about ‘aye we can’ – our collaboration with people with lived experience of homelessness.

Scottish Ministers have accepted 20 recommendations from the Homelessness & Rough Sleeping Action Group which, when implemented together, we believe can help end rough sleeping in Scotland over the next phase.

GHN and many others will now help Scotland transition to a rapid rehousing response to homelessness, which includes a default to Housing First for people with the most complex needs. This is about shifting the balance in how we currently tackle homelessness, by assuming that:

  • most people can and want to manage their own place, with the right support if we need it;
  • the faster people get their own place, the less damage homelessness does and the sooner we can start building and living our lives;
  • the very best choice and options remain for periods in people’s lives where managing our own place is not possible, for whatever reason.

This has the greatest weight of evidence behind it and puts Scotland on the right course to end rough sleeping. It was also advice GHN heard repeatedly throughout the ‘Aye We Can’ collaboration with lived experience – a 6-month consultation across Scotland, with 425 people participating.

Other recommendations include integrated support from frontline outreach services and local authorities, a national cross-sector monitoring system to measure and report on rough sleeping and new advocacy support for people with no recourse to public funds.

And now the work begins.

You can find the full report on the Action Group’s recommendations to end Rough Sleeping on the Scottish Government website:


March 2018
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