About Us

Our vision

We want everyone to have a safe and secure home from which to build and live their lives.

Our mission

GHN is a third sector membership organisation with a unique role. We evidence and advance solutions to poor housing and homelessness by connecting the knowledge and experiences of people who both live and work with the issue. Our home is Glasgow, but some of our work takes us more widely across Scotland and Europe.

Our guiding principles     

(a) Poverty and Place

The space we live in affects our health, wealth, happiness and well-being.

(b) Housing First

The security of a home is the best base for people to address any wider health and social care needs. With the right support, most people are capable of sustaining housing in local communities.

(c) Prevention and Early Intervention

Homelessness is more likely to occur after other problems or traumas in people’s lives and is especially linked to existing poverty and health inequality. There are evidenced links between homelessness, morbidity and mortality.

(d) Personal Assets and Empowerment

People with lived experience have a unique insight. Successful responses will not overlook people’s assets or the social economy of family, friends and communities.

(e) Income and Employment

Employment protects people from homelessness by providing an income – unemployment is both a strong cause and effect of homelessness.

(f)  Sensitive to Inequality

Homelessness disproportionately affects single men in their 20-40s. Responses should be sensitive to the further layer of inequalities experienced by protected groups. People with very complex needs will often need different responses.