Views on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill


GHN responded to the Scottish Parliament’s Social Security Committee Call for Views on the Social Security (Scotland) Bill.

  • Our key points are:We believe the practical application of the founding principles is an important next step as the new social security system is developed.
  • We welcome a human rights based approach; for the approach to be effective, a common understanding of human rights for the local community and professionals must be established.
  • We have a particular interest in ensuring people are given the social security they are eligible for and how this can work in practice.
  • We believe the several stages of application and appeal can lead to people not receiving adequate social security that they would require to live, and the effects are multiplied for people who experience multiple and complex needs.

You can read our full response here. (PDF)

Richard talks about Keys to Learn


Since publishing this story, Richard has been offered two college places, and is currently choosing which to attend! 

The second Keys to Learn tenancy sustainment course took place in Paisley this summer, with seven people completing the timetable of digital skills, self-confidence building and becoming part of the community.  One month on, we caught up with everyone for a chat over a cup of tea and cake, and found out about their learning, work and volunteering experiences since completing the course.

Richard Graham, like many young people had experienced a bit of learning here, a bit of volunteering and working there.  Getting ready to move into his own home, he had started to think about a more stable future for himself and family…


So, you came along to the info day – what encouraged you to come along to the first day of the course?

‘Staff from my accommodation told me about the course and they were the ones who encouraged me to take part and also my friend (another KTL participant) encouraged me to go along too.’

What was most beneficial for you?

 ‘All of it. The experience, meeting new people and finding self-belief.  I know I can achieve anything I put my mind to.’

What’s next?

‘I applied for college and my interview is in August for Painting and Decorating. I will be receiving my own flat soon once all the repairs are done then I will get my keys. I am going to continue volunteering for Street Soccer and supporting my girlfriend and my baby girl.’

For more information on Keys to Learn, please contact Kelly or Pauline at 0141 420 7272.