Cover the cost


Crisis has launched an awareness raising campaign titled ‘Cover the Cost. The UK-wide charity has asking supporters to put pressure on the UK Government to invest back into Local Housing Allowance rates in the upcoming spending review. It argues this will help prevent more people from losing their home and experiencing the trauma and anxiety this causes while also reducing the costs for public services over time.

Research carried out with the Chartered Institute of Housing indicated that cuts to Local Housing Allowance, which helps people pay rent under Universal Credit, mean that in 92% of areas in Britain single people, couples, or small families who need this support can afford just one fifth or less of local private rents. The research also revealed that in Scotland 67 per cent, just one-fifth or less, of private rents are affordable within Local Housing Allowance.

It concludes that current practice and policy is putting thousands at risk of homelessness as they face choices between paying the rent or covering other essential expenditure. This can lead people falling into rent arrears and homelessness.

To add your support to #CovertheCost campaign and work towards preventing many more from becoming homeless visit at and find out how to get involved.