Dundee visit to CAP it all


Dundee City Council is planning to develop a model similar to the Poverty Leadership Panel in Glasgow, with Dundee Fighting for Fairness as the community representatives. Five members of the group attended a meeting in Glasgow this month when they had the opportunity to ask questions about how Glasgow works with local people to make sure their voices are heard.

Jacky Close, Faith in Community Dundee, who accompanied the group, said: “This really helped the Dundee folks move forward their thoughts and plans for the Dundee version of the poverty leadership panel. Members of Dundee Fighting for Fairness are beginning to explore what it means to be a community activist group, speaking from their own experiences and engaging with city leaders.”

During the recent visit to Glasgow the group heard about how the Community Activist Panel seeks to influence policy by feeding in ideas and advice to Glasgow’s Poverty Leadership Panel. Jacky added: “We saw a lot of similarities in the experiences of low income families in Dundee engage with leadership in the city and gave us plenty of food for thought.”

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