Enforcement and Interventionist Responses to Rough Sleeping and Begging: Opportunities, Challenges and Dilemmas


25 October 2016

In a context where a number of Scottish local authorities report increasing levels of rough sleeping and/or begging, this event provides a forum for stakeholders to reflect on the opportunities, challenges and dilemmas associated with responses containing elements of ‘enforcement’ (e.g. byelaws, ASBOs) and/or ‘interventionism’ (e.g. assertive outreach). Using the interim findings of a major study of welfare conditionality in Scotland and England as a starting point, this event aims to promote an open and constructive debate about the rationale used to justify and/or oppose such measures, what is known about outcomes, and the complex practical and ethical issues associated with their use.


Sarah Johnsen 
The Institute for Social Policy, Housing, Environment and Real Estate (ISPHERE)| Heriot-Watt University
Interventionist responses to rough sleeping and begging: controversies, opportunities and challenges (PDF)

Jeremy Swain
Thames Reach
Why not using enforcement and assertive outreach is a high risk strategy (PDF)

Margaret Ann Brunjes
Glasgow Homelessness Network
Inconsistency and *Saying the Wrong Things* (PDF)