Homelessness in Glasgow 2016 Survey Report


Working with colleagues from across the homelessness sector (both those who work in services and those who use them) we set out to find out about what is good about homelessness services in Glasgow, what could be made better and how that should happen. To do this, we co-produced a survey with 7 questions which was distributed throughout all commissioned homelessness services in Glasgow the results of which can be found in this report. (PDF)

At the end of the survey we asked people about other ways in which they would like to be involved in participation work. This led us to the development of a homelessness conversation café, a focus group which informed the tender process for housing support services in Glasgow and the creation of two participation networks, one made up of people who are currently using homelessness services and one of those working in services. This work will be continuing through the co-production of further opportunities to influence homelessness service design and delivery so if you are interested in finding out more or getting involved in these networks then please contact David Kidd at dkidd@ghn.org.uk or by phone on 0141 420 7272.