Housing First Know-How


The Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland has teamed up with the Homeless Network to produce the first in a series of publications containing guidance and advice on Housing First for those working in the housing sector.

Housing First Know-How manual includes explanations on the policy drivers for Housing First, advice on making it work day-to-day and some real examples of how people working in the housing sector have approached the roll out in different parts of Scotland.

Callum Chomczuk, Director of CIH in Scotland, said: “We all need a home, and yet we have historically put up barriers that stop people accessing secure, stable accommodation. Some of those who are already homeless have had their situation made worse by services that are meant to help them.

“They cannot afford to wait any longer. That is why this manual for housing practitioners is so important. It provides instruction and support for housing professionals to deliver Housing First. Everyone deserves a secure home and the appropriate services to sustain their tenancy. Housing First does just that.”