‘Participating in Participation’ Network – What We’re Up to in 2019


The next event of the Participation Network, designed to give people the skills to get more involved in their own local and sector networks, is on Saturday 30th of March. For people who want to get more involved in their communities or take part in debate and action on single issues, it aims to:

  • develop new skills in areas such as participation, coproduction, facilitation, presentation skills and conflict resolution
  • amplify and champion the participation work of each individual organisation and participation group
  • tackle ‘hot topics’ and intersecting themes as a group
  • develop new friends and opportunities for networking
  • inform a series of principles, values and guidelines for participation practice.

The agenda is created and driven by people working in community support, young people learning new skills and those with lived experience. It is organised and run by CELCIS, a team based at Strathclyde University dedicated to making positive and lasting improvements in the wellbeing of children and young people living in and on the edges of care, and their families, across the whole country and wider.

The Network is free to join – If you’d like to sign up or just find out more then get in touch with Paul Sullivan, Sector Engagement Lead at CELCIS, at p.sullivan@strath.ac.uk / 07970 506 929.