Scottish refugee Council sets out five asks for new Asylum provider


Mears Group has been awarded the new contract by the Home Office for providing accommodation and support for people seeking refugee protection in Scotland. Following the announcement at the beginning of the year, agencies across the country expressed their views on how people involved in the asylum process should be treated, and the Scottish Refugee Council set out “five asks” of Mears Group.

  1. Understand that providing “asylum accommodation” is delivering an essential public service
  2. Ensure the dignity of the person is at the centre of this service
  3. Support and enable people to access their rights within the asylum system
  4. Work in partnership with local services, communities and councils
  5. Agree a process of property inspections with local authorities.

Maggie Brunjes, Chief Executive of the Homeless Network said: “We’ve worked with the North Glasgow Integration Network and asylum seekers as part the Keys to Learn programme, and also with other individuals during the Scotland-wide ‘Aye We Can’ consultation for the Housing and Rough Sleeping Action Group. Their voices are often unheard in the competition for the public’s attention, but Scotland has a strong record of supporting those seeking asylum and we support the Scottish Refugee Council’s position.”