Glasgow Alliance


On Friday 17 May Glasgow City Council published the invitation to tender for a brand new alliance –the much anticipated Glasgow Alliance to End Homelessness. A development two-years in the making, it has been described as, ‘an ambitious systems-change programme,’ and has the aim of eradicating homelessness in the city.

In an innovative move, people with lived experience of homelessness from The Glasgow Homelessness Involvement & Feedback Team (GHIFT) will join Glasgow City Council to select up to eight strategic partners that will make up the new decision-making body, which will be completed by the end of 2019.

After the selection process is complete, The Alliance will work as one, sharing decisions and collective responsibility to achieve the common goals of providing services and support for people that is easy to access, effective, joined up and meets people’s needs. In addition to working together at a professional level, the Alliance will work in partnership with people who have lived experience of homelessness from GHIFT, statutory services, housing providers and others, to achieve a number of outcomes that are co-produced with those who really understand the issues.

Where homelessness has not been prevented, or people are at risk of homelessness, the Alliance seeks to ensure that every person affected will have an urgent response, with four criteria applied.

  • Tailored – support that is flexible, immediate and available for as long as it is needed. Respecting people’s ability to build their own life, supporting their own strengths and abilities and making sure choice and control is in your hands.
  • Local – the choice to be supported in your own home as part of a local community so that we can all live, work and use services in ‘ordinary’, not homeless places.
  • Realistic – helping you tackle the financial hardship that often causes homelessness will be as important as providing other types of support.
  • Co-produced – People with lived experience and other key partners will be involved in all aspects of the Alliance including: allocation of resources; design, delivery and review of services implementation, delivery and evaluation of the Alliance.

The Alliance also has both prevention and Impact outcomes. The prevention outcomes include reducing the number of people experiencing homelessness and to end rough sleeping for homeless Glasgow citizens. Impact outcomes include reducing stigma applied to people who are homeless, and reduce the rate of repeat homelessness in the city.

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