Volunteering offers more than Employability Skills



Jordan has participated in learning and volunteering with Glasgow Homelessness Network since 2014, first joining us through a Keys to Learn tenancy sustainment course. Jordan trained to become a Navigate Peer Advocate, to help others solve their housing and benefits issues, as well as a peer supporter for future Keys to Learn courses. This all helped him realise he wanted to work somewhere that helped people address their issues, which has led him to his current employer – the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Although learning and volunteering has equipped him the experience to get into work, Jordan is still interested in volunteering, especially with projects that are community based. This is why he recently became a Community Budgeting Community Champion – helping communities across Glasgow get ready for the changes to how services will be funded. He states: ‘the things I experienced and learned through volunteering helped me understand who I am and what I want. I would not have had half of the chances I have had if not for volunteering and I would not have become the person I am today. I also wouldn’t have had the chance to meet all of the truly amazing people I have met.’