Housing Options

Housing Options is an approach to preventing homelessness that considers all of the options open to people that may help them to avoid housing crisis. For many, this may mean advice and support to stay in their current home. For others this may mean looking at ways to support them accessing the Private Rented Sector. For others again it may not be possible to prevent crisis and a homelessness application is the best option for them.

The purpose of Housing Options is to consider the individual circumstances of each household and work with them to identify what best meets their needs. The person comes first, the service comes second.

What does this mean for people?

The key difference in the Housing Options approach is that whatever service you approach will look at your full housing options and not just consider the services they specifically offer. For example, people approaching a Community Casework Team will have access to more than the opportunity to make a homelessness application and those approaching a housing association will have access to more than the opportunity to put your name on their housing waiting list. They will all look at your full housing needs, provide advice and information and make referrals to appropriate services when needed.

Housing Options in Glasgow

Housing Options is currently being piloted in the North West of Glasgow in the North Community Casework Team, GHA’s Milton LHO, Queens Cross Housing Association, NG Homes etc.¬†Additionally, all Glasgow City Council Community Casework Teams across the city will also be undertaking Housing Options.