Temporary Accommodation

After your homelessness application has been assessed, Glasgow City Council will provide you with temporary accommodation if:

  • you are not in priority need for housing

  • you need additional support before you are ready for your own tenancy

  • there is no permanent housing available.

Types of temporary accommodation

  • bed and breakfast for a short period of time

  • supported accommodation where you can access support to address issues such as mental ill health, drug or alcohol addictions, domestic abuse

  • Temporary Furnished Flats where you can live independently with support until a permanent tenancy is available

  • a privately rented flat where you can be supported to find a tenancy if you are not legally entitled to permanent accommodation

The most appropriate accommodation for you should be based on an assessment of your individual housing and support needs. You should talk through your options with your caseworker or other support workers to make sure you get the accommodation which is best for you.