Are you intentionally homeless?

The second issue that the law says Glasgow City Council must look at is whether you are intentionally homeless. By this the law means whether or not you have done something to make yourself homeless.You are considered to be intentionally homeless if:

  • You have deliberately done something (or failed to do something) that means you can no longer stay in accommodation that was available to you before e.g. not paid your rent

  • It would have been reasonable for you to continue staying in your previous accommodation

  • You knew that the deliberate act you carried out would make you homeless.

To be considered intentionally homeless, Glasgow City Council must decide that all three of the above points apply to your circumstances and were carried out by you.You are not considered intentionally homeless if you were made homeless by the deliberate actions of another person, for example a partner not paying rent. You are also not considered intentionally homeless if you deliberately left accommodation because of violence or threats, e.g. from a partner or neighbour. If Glasgow City Council decides that you are intentionally homeless and you do not agree with this decision, then you are entitled to

  • the reasons for their decision
  • a review of the decision.

You are also entitled to advice and assistance and temporary accommodation while this review is being carried out.