Do you have a local connection to Glasgow?

The third and final issue that the law says Glasgow City Council must look at when you make a homelessness application is whether you have a local connection to Glasgow. If Glasgow City Council decides you do not have a local connection to Glasgow they can choose to refer you to another local authority area. This will only happen if you are unintentionally homeless, in priority need, and the Housing Officer has reason to believe that you are not from Glasgow. You have a local connection to Glasgow if:

  • you normally live in the area, either now or in the past
  • you are employed in the area
  • you have family associations in the area e.g. a parent or sibling
  • there are other special circumstances, e.g. you need to access specialist health services in the area

If Glasgow City Council decide you do not have a local connection to the city and you do not agree with this decision, then you are entitled to

  • the reasons for their decision
  • a review of the decision.

You are entitled to advice and assistance and temporary accommodation while the review is being carried out. The temporary accommodation must last long enough for you to find your own accommodation, if the review does not change the first decision.

  • If you are not from Glasgow, but did not come from another area in the UK, then Glasgow has a responsibility to provide you with permanent accommodation (so long as they have decided you are unintentionally homeless and in priority need).
  • Serving a prison sentence in a particular area does not count as a local connection.
  • If you are being referred to another area, Glasgow City Council must provide you with temporary accommodation until the referral has been accepted by the other area, or until permanent accommodation becomes available in the other area.
  • If you are referred to another local authority area, you will not need to make another homelessness application. The new area must accept the decisions made by Glasgow City Council.
  • You will not be referred back to another area if you left it because you were fleeing violence or abuse.