Making an Application

The law says that everyone has the right to make a homelessness application. If you are homeless or about to be, you should go your local Community Homeless Service in Glasgow where you can make a homelessness application. The staff will carry out an assessment to decide what type of accommodation or support you may be entitled to. The casework team has 28 days to investigate your circumstances and make a decision. You are entitled to temporary accommodation during this time, even if your homelessness application is refused at the end of investigations.

If the casework team decides you are homeless they have a statutory duty (this means they are legally bound) to find permanent, settled accommodation for you.

    • The accommodation you may be entitled to will be temporary or permanent depending on your circumstances.


    • Temporary accommodation might mean a hostel, bed and breakfast or accommodation with Glasgow Housing Association or another Housing Association.


    • Permanent accommodation will mean either a secure tenancy with GHA or another Housing Association or an assured tenancy with a private landlord.


If you need help making an application, more information can be found on Glasgow City Council’s Website.