A place to sleep

Community Homeless Services 

You can make a homelessness application at any of the Community Homeless Service offices in the city. You do not have to make your application at the office closest to where you would normally stay: whichever Homeless Service office you go to, they must allow you to make your application there. These offices are open Monday to Thursday 8.45am-4.45pm and Friday 8.45am-3.55pm. There are also details on the Out of Hours service, the Asylum and Refugee Team and the Prison Homeless service below.

North West Community Homeless Service

30 Mansion Street
G22 5SZ
Phone: 0141 276 6168

South Community Homeless Service

Rowan Park Business Centre, Pavilion 1
5 Ardlaw Street
G51 3RR
Phone: 0141 276 8201

North East Community Casework Service

1250 Westerhouse Road
G34 9EA
Phone: 0141 276 6153

Out of Hours Service – Glasgow City Mission

20 Crimea Street
G2 8PW

Single people should attend from 4.45pm to 11pm Monday to Friday. Please note that the service does not operate from Glasgow City Mission at weekends.

After 11pm and at weekends everyone should phone 0800 838 502.

Families with children should phone 0800 838 502.

Asylum and Refugee Support Team

44 South Portland Street
G5 9JJ
Phone: 0141 222 7352

Prison Homeless Service

HMP Barlinnie
G33 2QX
Phone: 0141 770 2130