Alcohol Services

Community Addiction Teams

If your use of alcohol is causing problems for you or the people around you then you may have an alcohol problem. If you want help it is available and easy to access. You can get help with an alcohol problem through the Community Addiction Teams. There are teams across the city and there is also a specialist Homelessness Addiction Team (call 0141 552 9287) based at Hunter Street for people who are in homelessness crisis and are not registered with a GP.

What help can I get?

  • A full assessment of your needs
  • An explanation of what help is available
  • Advice on how to reduce your alcohol intake
  • Help with your confidence and motivation
  • Help to get into residential rehabilitation or a community-based rehabilitation
  • Help to get into hospital or community-based detoxification
  • Any other social or health help that you need
  • How can I get help?

Alcohol Counselling

A range of services give support and counselling to people who want to control their drinking. You can find a list of local services on the Alcohol Focus Scotland website

Alcoholics Anonymous are a group of people who have had alcohol problems who offer peer support to people who want to stop using alcohol.

Al-Anon is a self help group for people with family members who may have alcohol problems.