Drugs Services

Community Addiction Teams

You can get help with a drug problem through the Community Addiction Teams. There are teams across the city and there is a specialist Homelessness Addiction Team at Hunter Street for people who are in homelessness crisis and are not registered with an Addiction Team.

What help can I get?

  • A full assessment of your needs
  • An explanation of what help is available
  • Advice on how to reduce your alcohol intake
  • Help with your confidence and motivation
  • Help to get into residential rehabilitation or a community-based rehabilitation
  • Help to get into hospital or community-based detoxification
  • Any other social or health help that you need
  • How can you get help?

You can go to your local Addiction Team. It may be best to phone them first. Someone else can phone for you and go down to the office with you – but you must make the decision to find out about getting help.

Other Services

  • Narcotics Anonymous are a group of people who have had drug problems who offer peer support to people who want to stop using drugs. The helpline number is 0300 999 1212.

  • Cocaine Anonymous are a group of people who have had problems with stimulant drugs who offer peer support to people who want to stop using drugs.

  • Re-Solv are an organisation working to help people involved in volatile substance misuse.

  • Families Anonymous is a self help group for families and friends of those with a drug or related behaviour problem.

  • The Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre offers short term detoxification, rehabilitation, stabilisation and a needle exchange service. It is both open to referral from agencies or self referral. It has a residential unit with a maximum stay of 21 days.

  • Addaction has a range of services across Glasgow. There are also specific services for mothers based in the south of the city.

  • The Second Chance Project is a structured day treatment programme for men and women in Glasgow with drug or alcohol problems. They aim to provide a safe, caring environment in which people can accept and begin to overcome their addiction.

  • You can find out more about types of drugs, the effects of short and long-term use, legal status and other issues on the Scottish Drugs Forum website.