Being homeless does not mean you cannot have a GP.

If you are registered with a GP and are still living in your local area you can still use your own GP while you are homeless. If you are not registered with a GP or are living outwith your GP’s area, you can register with a new GP in your new local area.

How do I register with a GP?

To register with a local GP you have to phone or visit and ask for an appointment to register. If you have no permanent address you can use a ‘care of’ address such as that of a friend or relative or even an organisation you are in touch with. The GP will ask you for your name and old address and the name of your last GP. This is all the information they can ask for.

What if the GP refuses to register me as a patient?

A GP can only refuse in exceptional circumstances. If this happens, you should ask for a reason in writing for their decision. They must give you this within 14 days. More information on this can be found on the CAB Scotland website.