Health and Homelessness

It is well known that homelessness is bad for your health.

It often follows other problems or trauma in people’s lives and is especially linked to existing poverty and health inequality. In Glasgow, people who’ve experienced homelessness are also more likely to experience early mortality from specific causes. Life expectancy is significantly lower than even the Glasgow average for both men and women – while survival strategies often pose a further threat to people’s health, safety and security.

This year, two significant national reports have strongly asserted the role of ‘home’ at the heart of our health and wellbeing*. Health and Social Care Integration also opens up new possibilities to better use the connections between housing, health and social care to prevent the damage that homelessness causes. The purpose of this year’s conference was to provide an up-to-date overview of health and homelessness and to review what progress we are making in tackling the health inequalities that exist between people who have a home and those that don’t. We want to create 360˚ feedback on key issues, which will shape how we work together in the next phase.

Our annual conference was held on 20th October 2015 with the theme of Health and Homelessness…a 360 degree review. Over 170 delegates participated.